Program of the 3rd Symposium


Theme of the symposium

Interdisciplinary Relations in Design and its Research - on the issue of 'interface'

The purpose of the symposium

One of significances of Design/Design research depends on the relations and the co-ordinations between the disciplines; science and science, culture and culture, social and social, individual and group, research and development, vocation and vocation, organization and organization, human and environment, private and public, and so on. If design is set in between many of these two variables, the variety of footholds of design would be revealed. And the function of communication, which has been performed by design in between desciplines, would be reconsidered. By this point of view, we expect to found the idea and application of 'interface' not only on engineering aspects but also on cultural and social ones.

Lecturers and suggested points of lectures

Monnai, Teruyuki (Prof. at Waseda Univ., Design methodology, Semiotic, Architecture and Urban planning) /chairman

Uta Brandes (Prof. at Univ. of Applied science in Koeln, Cultural stidies, Womens studies)

Michael Erlhoff (Prof. at Univ. of Applied science in Koeln, Design context, Theory and history of design)

Hara, Kenya (Hara Design Institute, Nippon Design Center, Graphic design)

Kojima, Gakutoshi (Architect, Architectual planning and design)

Date and Place

- December, 3rd, Sunday, 2000, 13:00-17:00 (reception 17:30-19:00)
- BMW Square in Tokyo (KitaAoyama 2-12-16 Minato-ku Tokyo)