The First Symposium of Society for the Science of Design, Japan

  "The Transformation and Reconstruction of Meaning of Design"


Shutaro Mukai (Design Science, History of modern design, Morphology, Musashino Art Univ.)
The Transformation and Reconstruction of Meaning of Design

Klaus Krippendorff (Writing on Design, Research in communication, and consulting with industry and goverment, Univ. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia)
Design Discourse: A medium for Redesigning Design
  Kashiwagi,Hiroshi (iHistory of design, Musashino Art Univ.)

Takehara,Akiko (Product design, Eco-design, Wako Univ.)
Masunari,Takashi (Aesthetics, Philosophy, The Univ. of Tsukuba)
Monnai,Teruyuki (Architecture and Urban planning, Design methodology,Semiotics, Waseda Univ.)
Yoshida,Shingo (Color planning, Color Planning Center)

Snapshot photographs